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The Nileram

“ Let the hawk perch, let the eagle perch, and if one tells the other not to perch,
may his wing break.”
-  Igbo (Proverb)

Sugar and Spice, and all things VICE, "the truth changes color depending on the light." Singing before she could talk, born and raised in rural central Georgia, Marilyn Christina Blount honed her gift for singing, performing, and song writting in church. “Two things can be true" embodying the parodox of the sublime and the profane, the Atlanta based singer, songwritter, and businesswoman serves her own brew of R&B/Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, and Jazz, she calls "Sonic Kink."


“Much of her tonal presence shaping the mood of the song as a whole. There’s no stopping this profoundly gifted singer when she finds a melody she likes, and although hers is one of the more conventional takes on retro R&B I’ve listened to lately, it’s also one of the most likeable by a mile.” - Indie Pulse Music


“Ride” captures what The Nileram does best, establishing the perfect balance of mood and groove. - Vents Magazine


Everyone has challenges, and The Nileram (Nah-Lee-Ram) is no exception.Her battle with SLE Lupus and other auto immune illnesses has affected her journey as a music artist. She is not deterred, and hopes to inspire others who

suffer with chronic illnesses. 


The Truth Changes Color... EP is her 2024 release. It has been a long time coming for the songstress. It is a well deserved accomplishment, and a testament to the power of self belief, faith and determination. The Nileram maybe late to the party, but she's brought a lot of gifts with her.

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